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COVID-19 and Foreign Policy in Australia and South Korea: Learning Lessons from Middle Powers in Hard Times

As befits two countries that are deemed to enjoy some of the world’s highest levels of global health security (Nuclear Threat Initiative, 2019), Australia and South Korea have experienced relatively few daily infections and cumulative deaths by world standar...

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Security Challenges

The Belt and Road comes to Papua New Guinea: Chinese geoeconomics with Melanesian characteristics?

Considered ‘peripheral’ in Chinese foreign policy, Melanesia has nevertheless experienced a steady growth in Chinese interests this century, particularly leading up to APEC 2018. This interest brought with it the Belt and Road Initiative – China’s econ...

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Security Challenges

The Indo-Pacific: From Concept to Contest

Over the last decade the Indo-Pacific has emerged as an important strategic concept. The idea of the Indo-Pacific springs from the observation that fundamental changes in economic and political dynamics of the littoral states of the Pacific and Indian Oceans m...

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