We operate in a trust environment

Chatham House Rule

The Institute For Regional Security operates under the Chatham House Rule for most of its events, especially the Strategic Dialogue, the FSLP congresses and symposia, and most workshops and seminars. We are proud of our no-leak reputation for all events we have delivered since we were established.

Please note that all applications to attend the Institute’s congresses, symposia and closed workshops will be reviewed by the CEO of the Institute for Regional Security, who retains absolute discretion on whether individual applications are accepted. For some events, security clearance will be a minimum condition.

When registering for an event we may ask you to check a declaration of confidentiality, with your understanding that your participation is dependent on the commitment to the Rule below:

I understand that the Chatham House Rule will apply to presentations and discussions at the Institute For Regional Security’s closed workshops, congresses and symposia. I acknowledge that whilst I may take away and repeat elsewhere the general content of the discussions, I will not, under any circumstances, attribute specific remarks, views or issues to any individual at the event. I agree to abide by both the letter and the spirit of this rule.