Future Strategic Leaders Program

The Future Strategic Leaders Program (FSLP) is a professional development program of The Institute for Regional Security. It works with early career professionals in the national and international security community identified as having potential to provide intellectual and organisational leadership within the community in the future. Its development foci are security policy-making, strategic thinking and leadership values and competencies.



Who can participate in the FSLP?

Individuals are eligible for selection into the FSLP if they are:

  1. Recent graduates employed in public and private sector organisations that are Corporate Members of The Institute (four individuals per Corporate Member at any one time)
  2. Recent graduates whose participation is funded by their agency, department, organisation or company
  3. Postgraduate students under Institute scholarships (four individuals at any one time)

Selection is competitive, and at The Institute’s discretion, taking into account:

  1. References which speak to leadership potential
  2. Academic, organisational, business or community achievement
  3. Willingness and availability to meet program expectations and support Institute activities


What do participants in the FSLP get out of the Program?

Participants in the FSLP benefit in a number of ways from their time in the Program:

  1. They are familiarised with key concepts involved in and shaping professional conduct, project delivery, security policy and leadership – development outcome: professional knowledge and understanding
  2. They are given access to assessment tools (Big 5 Factor Personality, Emotional Intelligence and, when in team leader roles, 360 feedback) to enable critical self-reflection and development planning – development outcome: deep self-awareness, capacity for self-regulation, direction, and reflection, and strengthened interpersonal communication and relationship management
  3. They participate in action-learning programs focused on contemporary policy issues – development outcome: subject matter knowledge, competence and confidence in articulating policy proposals
  4. They are provided opportunities to lead small project teams – development outcome: competence in project management, competence in facilitating group decision making
  5. They are provided opportunities to develop and present their own insights and ideas on security policy issues – development outcome: competence to articulate ideas and policy proposals, competence and confidence in public presentation of ideas
  6. They are given unequalled networking opportunities, and exposure to and engagement with key thinkers and leaders in the security community – development outcome: population of professional network
  7. They are given the opportunity to gain governance experience by nominating and, if appointed, serving on the FSLP sub-committee of the Board of the Institute – development outcome: competence in committee and governance processes


What is the length of the FSLP program for an individual?

An individual invited to join the FSLP is expected to participate in the program for a minimum of two years and maximum of three years.


What is expected of participants in the FSLP?

Participants in the FSLP are expected:

  1. To establish an individual development plan for themselves that includes their participation in the FSLP
  2. To complete professional development assessments and attend development sessions offered in the Program
  3. To attend at least one of The Institute’s professional development (Congress, Symposium, Next, Cyber 9/12) and track 1.5 diplomacy events as part of the event support and facilitation team each year
  4. To submit at least one opinion piece on a subject of their choice for the Regionalist and/or to submit a proposal for a Next presentation during their time in the program


Prospective participants should check with their employer or institution regarding support to participate. Enquiries can be directed to the CEO, Chris Gardiner, on 6295 1555 from employers, institutions and prospective participants.

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