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The Institute for Regional Security focuses its research on the peace, stability, and prosperity of the peoples of Indo-Pacific Region, a region that stretches from Kiribati in the east, through Southeast Asia to India, to East Africa in the West, through the South China Sea to the Korean peninsula and Japan in the north, and to the Antarctic in the south. Moving into the third decade of the 21st century, this is a region of significant economic growth and dynamism, but also of geo-political and military competition and risk.
Indo-Pacific Region

Our research addresses security as a complex human construct to be understood across multiple, interdependent human, economic, civil/civic, defence, and diplomatic policy domains.

The Institute welcomes opportunities to collaborate with individual researchers and commentators and academic institutions, and to publish high quality papers, particularly with a policy making focus.

The Institute has published its own assessment of the key issues and questions regarding threats to peace and prosperity in the region which will guide its research and publishing. That paper can be found here.


Security Challenges

A multi-disciplinary journal for decision-makers and academics in security policy

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Occasional Papers

Arising from a research project, or as an occasional contribution on an issue of significance, The Institute publishes Occasional Papers.

Papers may be submitted to be peer reviewed or as commentary.

High quality papers accepted by The Institute may be published multilingually.

Acceptance of papers, and any decision on multilingual publication, are at the sole discretion of The Institute.

Should you wish to submit a paper for consideration, contact the CEO at

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Digital Engagement and Diplomacy

The Institute is committed to using succinct digital infographics to inform and engage policy makers and the public on current security issues.

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The Institute is an independent, not-for-profit, charitable organisation. It holds Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status under Australian Government regulations. It also holds the status of an Approved Research Institute (ARI) under such regulations. Donations to the Institute are tax deductible.

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