Indo-Pacific Profile

The ‘Indo-Pacific’ is a geo-political and strategic construct used internationally by policy makers, strategists, and historians. Its emergence as an analytical tool reflects the significance of the evolving balance of power and interdependencies amongst littoral states in the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the 21st century.

The Institute has brought together on this page statistics from various research sources under the headings of political, military and peace, human and social, and economic and social.

Click each sub-heading box to provide the related statistics, which can be revealed by then scrolling over each state.



  • Freedom
  • Gender Inequality
  • Corruption

Military & Peace

  • Military Expenditure (USD$M)
  • Peace Index Ranking

Human & Social

  • Human Development Ranking
  • Global Health Security
  • Food Security
  • Happiness Ranking
  • Source:
    Human Development – UNDP Human Development Insights 2022

    UNDP Human Development Report: ranking of countries with ranking of 1 being highest in indicators of human development

  • Source:
    Global Health Security – Global Health Security Index 2021

    Global Health Security Index: ranking of countries with ranking of 100 having the most favourable health security conditions

  • Notes:
    Prevalence of serere food insecurity in the total population with % being the highest indicator of food insecurity

  • Source:
    Happiness – World Happiness Report 2022

    World Happiness Report: ranking of countries with 100 indicating highest scores for how happy a country’s citizens perceive themselves to be


  • GDP (PPP) Per Capita
  • Innovation Ranking
  • Environmental Performance Ranking
  • Notes:
    Statistics Times: measure in US dollars of countries; gross domestic product on a purchasing power parity basis

  • Source:
    Innovation – WIPO Global innovation Index 2022

    Global Innovation Index: Global Innovation Index: ranking of countries with 1 having the highest level of innovation

  • Source:
    Environmental Performance – EPI, Yale Centre for Enviomental Law & Policy 2022

    Environmental Performance Ranking – ranking of countries with 1 being the highest ranking on environmental health and ecosystem vitality


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