Track 1.5 Diplomacy

Diplomacy between States and peoples can be seen to proceed on three ‘tracks’:

Track 1 Diplomacy

The work of professional diplomats and Government Ministers representing the interests of their countries to each other, is known as ‘Track 1’ diplomacy.

Track 1.5 Diplomacy

Non-government organisations can create neutral ground to bring senior officials and influential thinkers together to build shared understanding on significant challenges for their Governments and peoples.

Track 2 Diplomacy

Diplomacy need not be left to diplomats and the departments of a State: people-to-people diplomacy involves engagement across borders by non-government organisations and citizens themselves.

Regional Dialogues

The Institute for Regional Security has been a leader in ‘Track 1.5’ diplomatic dialogues for nearly 2 decades.

As its paper Securing Peace and Prosperity in the Indo-Pacific concludes, building understanding and relationships between policy makers across the Indo-Pacific is crucial.

The Institute is actively exploring opportunities to independently facilitate Track 1.5 dialogues in a number of locations across the Indo-Pacific.

The Struggle for Power and Influence in the Indo-Pacific

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