Track 1.5 Diplomacy

The Institute for Regional Security has been a leader in ‘Track 1.5’ diplomatic dialogues for nearly 2 decades.

Diplomacy between States and peoples can be seen to proceed on three ‘tracks’:

Track 1 Diplomacy

The work of professional diplomats and Government Ministers representing the interests of their countries to each other, is known as ‘Track 1’ diplomacy.

Track 1.5 Diplomacy

Non-government organisations can create neutral ground to bring senior officials and influential thinkers together to build shared understanding on significant challenges for their Governments and peoples.

Track 2 Diplomacy

Diplomacy need not be left to diplomats and the departments of a State: people-to-people diplomacy involves engagement across borders by non-government organisations and citizens themselves.

Strategic Dialogue Event

The Institute delivers a Track 1.5 Strategic Dialogue annually. Each event and participant list is developed in consultation with officials from each country participating in the event. The Dialogue is a closed events and delivered under the Chatham House Rule, allowing for honest and frank engagement around a strategic policy question of fundamental importance to the countries of the Indo-Pacific.

The subject for the 2019 Dialogue was ‘The Struggle for Power and Influence in the Indo-Pacific’ and involved participants from Australia, Japan, the United States and India.

A report is prepared and released to the participants at the conclusion of each Strategic Dialogue summarising the discussions, outcomes and policy recommendations. Access to the Report is available to Institute Governors and can be accessed here