Security Challenges
Volume 11, No.1 (2015)

The Australia–India Framework for Security Cooperation - Another Step Towards an Indo-Pacific Security Partnership

Narendra Modi’s visit to Australia in November 2014 and his fanfare address to the Australian Parliament was accompanied by much discussion of a “natural partnership” between the two countries. The visit was a significant step forward in a relationship that could one day become an important part of Australia’s overall strategic posture. One of the most substantive achievements of the visit was the conclusion of a Framework for Security Cooperation setting out an Action Plan for a more comprehensive security and defence relationship. The Framework signals an intention on both sides to intensify the Australia-India security engagement and take it into some important new areas.

This comment gives an overview of recent developments in the Australia-India security and defence relationship. It then examines the terms of the Framework, focusing on new areas of cooperation set out in the Framework.

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