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Building a Resilient Cyber Eco-System

The global economy is a complex cyber ecosystem. The movement of goods and services across cities, nations and the world assumes secure and assured access to the internet. Many processes are becoming automated and all manner of devices are being connected to the internet at an accelerating rate, a phenomenon known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

In March 2016 the Australian Government released its Cyber Security Strategy and this document provided important context for this IFRS study. The study also sought to understand the implications for Australia of regional approaches to cybersecurity and the roles that Australia might play to strengthen the cyber resilience of regional nations to their benefit and to Australia’s as well.

This short report seeks to use plain English to explain concepts that have been for too long relegated by political and business leaders to technical staff who, their best efforts notwithstanding, have struggled to articulate the policy and legislative challenges that the internet, and cyberspace more generally present to national and global society.

The report, based on the individual contributions and collective judgments of a group of well-informed individuals from diverse backgrounds, makes some recommendations and suggestions that, if implemented, we think will deliver a more secure, resilient and trustworthy internet to Australia and to the region.

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