Membership & Sponsorship

The Institute sustains its work through the involvement and financial support of individuals, corporate citizens and Government grants. Individuals, companies, and Government Departments and Agencies are able to become Members of the Institute, commission or gain access to our research, and have their young leaders participate in our development activities.


Individual Membership

$75    per year

Individual members are able to:

  • Access articles in Security Challenges and contributions in The Regionalist
  • Obtain 20% discount for events such as the Institute’s Annual Dinner (a saving of $50)
  • Participate (including voting and nomination rights) in the Institute’s annual general meeting.

Institute Governor

$1,000    per year

Governors are:

  • Provided with access to Security Challenges and The Regionalist,
  • Provided access to all research and occasional papers,
  • Provided an opportunity annually to meet with the CEO to be briefed on the Institute’s direction,
  • Provided a seat at the Annual Dinner and an invitation to the pre-dinner VIP event with the Speaker and Guests of Honour, and
  • Provided recognition of $700.00 as a tax deductible donation to the Institute’s research.

Corporate and Government Support


Government Departments, and Companies and Non-Government Organisations, are able to take corporate membership in the Institute. Such membership allows them to choose to be involved in and recognised as a supporter at a range of activities including

  • a research project,
  • the annual Dialogue and Dinner,
  • the Future Strategic Leaders Program
  • the Cyber 9/12 Challenge.

Corporate and Government Members also obtain voting rights at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting. Corporate Membership is $50,000 per annum.

Research Partner

Research Partners contribute between $5,000 and $50,000 towards a research project. They participate directly in research project workshops. Major partners shape the research question and are involved in identifying the key Government, industry and academic participants in research workshops.

Activity Sponsors

Government Departments, Companies and Non-Government Organisations can sponsor individual Institute activities – research projects, Strategic Dialogue, professional development events, annual dinner – and at different levels of funding and recognition, from $5,000 through to $25,000

Regional Security

A Government Department, Company or NGO which contributes $120,000 in a year to the work of the Institute:

  • Receives the benefits of both a Corporate Member and a Major Research Partner;
  • Is consulted on the appointment of a Senior Fellow to oversee research in the security domain they specify and that Senior Fellow carries the name of the Partner in their title;
  • Can receive two executive briefings each year from the Senior Fellow on matters pertinent to their business;
  • Receive a special Institute logo for use in company materials and platforms designating them as an Indo-Pacific Regional Security Partner.

Get in touch

To discuss Corporate membership, research partnership,
and sponsorships, please contact the CEO, Chris Gardiner.